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Hanking Center

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The Hanking Center Tower is a 70-story office tower in which the elevators and other building services are separated from the office floor plates and connected with narrow bridges spanning 9 meters across at each level. The mega-braced tube lateral system links the service core to the office tower, stabilizing the structure against typhoon wind loads.


Status: Complete

Height: 350 m (1150 feet)

Type: Mixed Use (Office, Retail, Parking)

Location: Shenzhen, China

Architect: Morphosis

Developer: Hanking Group

Structural System:

Lateral System: Mega-braced Tube 

(Concrete-filled steel columns and built-up steel bracing)

Gravity System: Steel beams and composite slab

Awards: NCSEA Excellence in Structural Engineering (2017)


Two Towers, One Structure (Structure Magazine)

Hanking Center by Morphosis Architects, Architectural Record

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